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Sound Therapy

“As the eyes are the windows to the soul, the voice is surely the door to the heart.”         -Wayne Perry

Rebekah has studied Sound Therapy with 3 well known teachers; Jonathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon and Zacciah Blackburn. She has trained as a Music Therapist and been a musician all of her life.


While working in the field of Music Therapy, which is a behavioral science, Rebekah discovered that her real passion was in using Sound as an energy tool, directly with the body. Then came the journey of studying with the above teachers to learn more. Many of her ideas were validated and given a structure through these studies.

During treatment sessions, Rebekah now mixes Sound Therapy with Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, or Reiki. These mixes often prove to be very powerful for her clients. She will help you decide which mix you want to choose to experience based on the goals that you have for your session.

Sound Therapy, in Rebekah’s practice, utilizes the natural and profound healing capabilities of the human voice as well as tuning forks and singing bowls. This therapy works at the energetic level to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Handle Bowl for energy work-min.JPG
Tuning Forks for energy work

Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. By coupling sound with pure intention, to attune to, invoke, or transform one’s consciousness, we indeed have stepped into a powerful place. Consciousness follows the Sound Wave.

Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being.

We can use conscious chanting for invocation or attunement, intuitive or “guided” music to come into deeper awareness. In addition, the calming sounds of crystal “singing” bowls, ancient Tibetan bowls or temple bells, tuning forks, or “toning” (intuitive voicing), align us with the highest reaches of the cosmos.

No matter what techniques are used, sound is the current which can carry the creative potency of unconditional love and grace from the subtle to physical realms.


By attuning to and sounding these “sound currents,” coupling them with our own clear potential, and intention, we amplify their force, or voice, opening to and carrying aspects of the sanctity of creation into our being.


This assists us in aligning and moving deeper into relationship with that which we each hold as sacred.

sound therapy with monochord.jpg

Rebekah demonstrates a monokotra, custom made by Bob Willmeth & Designed by Fred Mayer, which she played for the Spring Equinox Concert held in Eureka Springs.

By grounding and “anchoring” these energies into our body, our consciousness, and into the Earth, we energize and charge these vehicles of which we are stewards (our bodies, our consciousness, the Earth.)

"Rebekah’s excellent massages [along with Sound Therapy] make a great total package.  The surgeon said after my first total knee replacement that I would need another in about a year…that was 5 years ago. Rebekah’s Sound Therapy has regenerated the cartilage in my other knee and I have NO pain and have had NO additional knee surgery!"

                                                                                             ~ Carl P., Holiday Island, AR

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