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"Body, Mind, Spirit – Balance"

Located in a beautiful setting, just above Blue Spring in the White River Valley

About Rebekah Clark, BME, MMT, BCTMB, C-ATMAT, MQT

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Rebekah is a Master Massage Therapist, State Licensed in Arkansas, as well as Nationally Board Certified.


She is a Sound Therapist and also trained in Music Therapy. For years she has studied and explored multiple paths of healing. She has presented workshops for numerous organizations and facilitates “sacred song” events.

Rebekah offers her clients excellent massage therapy, mixed with energy work, as desired, using sound as her primary tool for the energy work.

She uses tuning forks, singing bowls, voice and more. Her work facilitates creating the space for healing through multiple approaches which include: 

CranioSacral Therapy, Medical QiGong, Sound Therapy, Ashiatsu Barefoot Bodywork, Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Ear Candling, Hot or Cold Stone Therapies, and Foot Reflexology.

These services are offered at her studio, with its amazing view. Sessions are offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, by appointment.

Call for more information: 


Other offerings include:
Ear Candling, Hot Stone Massage,
Cold Stone Therapy for Migraine, and Paraffin Wax Dip

Gift Certificates available


Medical Qigong
Introductory price
for a limited time
Or 3 Sessions/$150

By Appointment (Tues., Wed., Fri. or Sat.)

361 Beatrice Dr.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
(just off Blue Spring Rd. in Eureka Springs West) MAP

Your treatment session will be customized to your needs and requests. What do you need?


Pain Relief, Relaxation, Energy Balancing? Receive Pure Jojoba & Organic Coconut oils as well as Vegan Lotions on a comfortable, cushy heated table.

Imago Healing Therapies near Eureka Springs Arkansas

There is a beautiful view of the White River from our location.

"The surgeon said after my first total knee replacement that I would need another in about a year…that was 5 years ago.

Rebekah’s sound therapy has regenerated the cartilage in my other knee and I have NO pain and have had NO additional knee surgery!

Her excellent massages make a great total package."


~ Carl P., Holiday Island, AR

Imago = Create, Transform
(dictionary meaning= final stage of metamorphosis of a butterfly.)

I use this word to represent the transformation & miracles that often occur when we open to the “All that Is” ~~ or you may call it your “I Am Presence.”

Private Sessions, Workshops,
Sacred Song Events

Call 479 244 5631 or email Rebekah Clark 


Imago Healing Therapies is located in Eureka Springs West – Mother Nature’s favorite destination in the Ozarks.


This beautiful area showcases the northern edge of Beaver Lake, headwaters of the White River, and hundreds of natural springs– a true water wonderland.


Surround yourself with tranquility in an environment featuring diverse wildlife and numerous recreational opportunities….and  call to schedule a massage for the ultimate relaxation treat!  Here's the MAP.

Sound Therapy

sound therapy with monochord.jpg

“As the eyes are the windows to the soul, the voice is surely the door to the heart.”   -Wayne Perry

Rebekah has studied Sound Therapy with 3 well known teachers; Jonathan Goldman, Tom Kenyon and Zacciah Blackburn.


She has trained as a Music Therapist and been a musician all of her life. While working in the field of Music Therapy, which is a behavioral science, Rebekah discovered that her real passion was in using Sound as an energy tool, directly with the body.

Then came the journey of studying with teachers to learn more. Many of her ideas were validated and given a structure through these studies.

Learn more here

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