Texas Massage Therapists Reach Out After Hurricane Harvey

Massage Therapists to the rescue:

“Texas is home to more than 26,000 massage therapists, some of whom will no doubt volunteer massage while many others will need ongoing assistance as the floodwaters recede.

Damage from widespread flooding and winds means area residents have just begun “the long wait,” according to a Sept. 3 article in the Houston Chronicle.

But if history is a teacher in this regard, the stress, tension and pain that lodges in the bodies of first responders and other service personnel will be relieved by the helping hands of massage therapists willing to step up, reach out, and volunteer healing touch in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Kirsten Genchur, the massage therapist who drove from Austin to provide massage to first responders staying at Katy High School, described how touch helps in a way that is simple yet profound: ‘When they’re feeling better, they’re able to go and do more rescues, to do more when they’re feeling their best. I was helping people help more people.'”

Texas Massage Therapists Reach Out After Hurricane Harvey